Rohit Tokas: Participation in Commonwealth Game

Rohit Tokas

Rohit Tokas is 29 years old Indian boxer who competes in the Welterweight category. He participated in the year of 2022 Commonwealth Games where he won a bronze medal from India in the Men’s welterweight category. This hit hails from an urban village in Delhi by the name known as Munirka which lies in the South West District of Delhi. Rohit’s father named Preet Singh Tokas was also himself a wrestler.

Rohit Tokas

Participation in Commonwealth Game:

Indian boxer Rohit Tokas (67kg) advanced to the quarterfinals of the men’s welterweight category in the Commonwealth Games on recent Tuesday. The 29-year-old boy from Delhi boxer notched a total score of 5-0 win over Alfred Kotey of Ghana. Playing with an open guard for the better part of the bout. Tokas had almost spent the first round defending as Kotey donned the role of the aggressor. Whereas Kotey landed more punches than Tokas. Hence, the Indian boy defended well to earn a score of total 4-1and that’s a win.

Career and Achievements:

India’s 29 years old Rohit Tokas bulldozed his way into the semifinals of the Welterweight boxing category with a great score of 5-0 win over from Niue’s Xavier Mata’afa-Ikinofo on last Thursday in the year 2022. Both men started slowly and it was Tokas who started with the attack with some stiff punches. The referee was called into action. That also had to do a standing eight-count to see if Ikinofo was fit enough to continue. Tokas was thoroughly got dominanted in that round and while it was reflected in the results. All the judges awarded the Indian boxer with total 10 points. While Ikinofo was given eight by three judges and nine by other two. Despite Ikinofo’s best efforts, Tokas was still in control. He took home the second round with four judges giving him ten points each and one awarding him nine.

In the third round, Tokas was quite and controlled the game once again. The Indian boxer’s game plan was to let his guard down and make Ikinofo come to attack him while he would use that only opportunity to launch a counter.

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