Ritesh Agarwal Story

Ritesh Agarwal


We are here with the success story of another talented young personality named Ritesh Agarwal, Who is the founder and CEO of OYO (On Your OWN Room). OYO room is a brand that we all know from our first encounters with it when it comes to hotels. Ritesh founded OYO room. He is an Indian businessman who is young and highly skilled. OYO Rooms, a well-known company, offers rooms at a budget price for family members and travelers. 

Early Years of Ritesh Agarwal – Founder of OYO:

Ritesh Agarwal, 26 years old, was born in Bisam, Cuttack, Odessa, on November 16, 1993. He completed his school, and he spent his youth in his hometown. He attended Sacred Heart School, Rayagada. He graduated from Sacred Heart School in Rayagada and moved to New Delhi’s Indian School of Business and Finance.

He was seven years old when he started traveling to India. However, he wasn’t satisfied with his accommodation business. He decided to open a hotel in India.

He had the most remarkable change in his life when, in 2009, he joined Kota. However, he left the company when he knew there was nothing he could give to the company. Later, OYO’s founder joined the Bansal Tutorials. He has had an incredible year of youth and time to grow. 

Ritesh moved from India to Delhi in 2011, intending to start his own business and study for the SAT.

Founding of OYO Rooms:

Ritesh Agarwal traveled solo and explored the country before establishing OYO. During such a trip, however, he found a problem with budget hotels. He was 17 years old when he started an Oravel Trip. It was later merged with OYO rooms.

He realized that the problem with budget hotels wasn’t just about availability. So, he introduced OYO (On Your Own).

As we all know, OYO Rooms is a very promising start and the most significant budget chain in the country. More than 150,000 rooms are Offred by OYO at 43,000 hotels in more than 80 countries. 

OYO’s primary job isn’t to own hotels but to work with specific hotels to find many rooms that can be offered to those who are interested in OYO services.

The OYO founder, Ritesh Agarwal, has not had a smooth road to success in terms of cleanliness and accessibility. It was not an easy task to find his success.

Travel to OYO:

He changed his name to travel in 2013 to OYO rooms, where OYO provided low-priced rooms. Ritesh Agarwal bid $600,000 from a Gurgaon hotel. His company was in dire need of financial support. 

Ritesh Agarwal, the founder of OYO, started OYO Rooms India in 2019. Today OYO‘s Net worth is 2600 crores.

Summing Up:

Ritesh Agarwal’s story is an excellent example of young minds dreaming big. Ritesh Agarwal, just 27 years old, is an outstanding professional Business Person. Oyo’s Ritesh Agarwal Story will inspire many future generations in India.

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