Rickshaw Drivers Daughter – Miss India 2020 Runner-Up

Manya Singh

Do you belong to a poor family? Is your father a Rickshaw driver? Do you even have any dreams? How could Manya Singh, the daughter of a rickshaw driver, have heard anything else about her situation? Women in patriarchal societies have been discouraged from excelling in their lives simply because they are women and must perform household chores.

Who’s Manya Singh?

Manya Singh was born in the Kushinagar district in Uttar Pradesh. She comes from a humble and meek backgrounds. She was the daughter of a driver and faced ignorance all her life. She had many difficulties, from paying her school fees and buying books to sleeping without food at night.

She is kind and respectful to all people, regardless of their background. She was not able to speak fluently as others and wasn’t good-looking. It is obvious that you are wondering how she managed to pursue her dreams despite such difficult circumstances.

Her Struggle and Hardship:

It doesn’t matter if you come from a wealthy or poor family. What matters most is your perseverance, persistence, determination, and the courage to follow your dreams. Manya Singh revealed the truth about how her parents mortgaged their jewelry to pay for the examination fees of Manya.

Although she was born in poverty, she believes education is the best weapon one can carry. Manya Singh was an intelligent student who won the Best Student Award during her HSC.

Manya Singh also walked for hours to get to places to save the rickshaw fare. She was also extremely hard working and managed to finish her studies in the daytime, become a dishwasher in the afternoon, and work at call centers at night.

The VLCC’s Miss India 2020 runner-up, who had always struggled with her luck and was able to use this platform to inspire others, became a runner-up. Her example has been an inspiration to all. She is a shining example of how every girl and every woman can take steps to achieve their dreams. Despite having a meek background and humble roots, she managed to write her own destiny and became successful. That’s why her journey is so inspiring for many.

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