Rakhi Dutta

Rakhi Dutta

Rakhi Dutta, 19, has gone famous on social media after donating 65 percent of her liver to save her father’s life. Rakhi and her sister hurried Rakhi’s father to the AIG hospital in Hyderabad, where he was waging a lost battle with jaundice. He’d lost 90% of his liver and required a liver transplant to live. She said she didn’t hesitate or think twice about giving a bit of her liver after hearing from the physicians that it would be adequate and would grow back in around 3-4 months. Rakhi then underwent 109 tests before donating 65 percent of her liver in a 15-hour surgery.

Transplant and Misconceptions Surrounding it

A liver transplant is a procedure in which a diseased or damaged; liver is removed and replaced with a healthy liver. no longer fulfil its regular activities, it is usually suggested. Liver failure, often known as end-stage liver disease, is the result of this.

As a result of disease, infection, or alcohol, the liver can gradually become damaged. Cirrhosis develops as a result of the damage to the liver. As a result of inflammation and the destruction of liver tissue, liver failure can happen quickly (necrosis). Live without a portion of their liver for the rest of their lives.

One Hit Wonder

Although Harsh Goenka, a billionaire businessman, uploaded a photo of a woman with a nasty scar across. The tweet has received almost 1.1 million comments, 8.3 million retweets, and 34 thousand likes.

Moreover On social media, well-wishes and praise retweets and posts have gone viral; applauding her brave and bold move and dubbing her a “Brave Heart Daughter.”

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