Prem Ganapathy – The Inspiring Story of Dosa Plaza

Prem Ganapathy

Prem Ganapathy, a passionate chef, and aspiring entrepreneur, come from a humble family from Nagalapuram in Tamil Nadu’s Tuticorin district. He was a brilliant student, but he couldn’t afford higher education to support his family.

Prem Ganapathy arrived in Mumbai with an acquaintance who promised him a job at Rs. 1,200 per month, but he disappeared after taking Rs. 200 he had at Bandra station. Ganapathy was left broke. He didn’t have any contacts or knew the local language.

 Prem Ganapathy decided to stay to try his luck. He worked odd jobs, including washing dishes in a Mahim bakery for Rs.150 a month. He earned 150 per month while working as a chef at a small restaurant. In 1992, he saved enough money to rent a handcart that cost Rs.150 and Rs.1,000 to buy utensils, a stove, and basic ingredients. He started selling Idlis and Dosas on the streets opposite the Vashi Train Station. 

He managed a small space on rental for Rs. 5,000 per Month and hired two employees to manage the space. The place was named Prem Sagar Dosa Plaza. His small business began to earn him Rs. 20,000 per month in profits.

Youngsters and college students especially liked his restaurant. He shared a good relationship with them. In return, they helped him use the Internet to find new recipes from around the globe.

Prem Ganapathy began to experiment with Dosas, and he soon introduced over 20 Dosas. He was a huge success with it and launched 105 dosas by 2005, which attracted even more people to his restaurant.

Today, Prem Ganapathy Dosa Plaza’s net worth is Rs. 30 Crore. It has 45 outlets in India and more than 10 international outlets in Dubai, New Zealand, and the Middle East.

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