Perfect Leadership Qualities

Perfect Leadership

Dr Shaik hails originally from Tirupati (Andhra Pradesh). She comes from humble beginnings and excellent example for Perfect Leadership

Shaik Nanne Saheb and Shaik Bilkis were Dr Shaik’s parents and she was born on 21 Sept 1973. She is an example for a humble woman who has accomplished great things.

Due to her resilience, perseverance, and ethics, people who love her affectionately refer to her as “The Iron Lady”.

She was naturally a philanthropist and sold some of the properties she owned to fund a larger residential school for girls at Chandragiri in Andhra Pradesh. She also runs schools in Mumbai, Surat, Belapur and other parts of India.

Her Milestones:

1. The HEERA Group

Nowhera Shaik Perfect Leadership Dr Shaik started Heera Group to help girls in need of education during her early years on her educational mission contributes.

She started with gold exports and imports under the name Heera Gold Exports and Imports. The business was able to pay for the costs of the girls’ education, including books, uniforms and accommodation. It was vital because the children came from poor families.

Heera Group was established in 1998. It now has 20 companies in various fields, including food exports and supplies, investment, gold and textile, jewelry, mineral water, granite, tours and travels, electronics, and e-commerce.

Her company had only been around for ten years, and she was providing services and products in more than 50 countries.

Foundation of Heera Group: 

The Heera Group has been working directly for India’s greater good.

The Heera Group established mobile Clinic Services. They offer counselling in child development, parental guidance, and vaccinations in rural areas.

Mobile Clinic offers services to almost one million people. Patients receive medicine right at their doorstep.

Dr. Nowhera Shaik has one goal: to create a country and society that includes all citizens, regardless of their external circumstances. She believes that business should not only be about making money but also giving back to the community. She said, “Nobody ever became poor by helping the poor.”

3. Priority for woman:

Dr. Nowhera Shaik, a pioneer in women empowerment, believes that men and women should be treated equally in an independent India. Her main focus is on women empowerment via education and awareness programs that are focused exclusively on women’s rights.

Heera Group has led a significant initiative in this direction with the Islamic Business Group. It offers vocational and professional skills to women in order to make them self-sufficient. Because it allows Muslim women to be self-sufficient while still standing beside the men, the Islamic Business Group is particularly helpful to them.

Wrapping Up: 

Dr Nowhera Shahik believes women should be able to make their own choices. This empowers women to take control of their lives and make changes in their gender roles.

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