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Park Yeon-mi, the girl who fled North Korea

Freedom is so fragile. Sometimes the conditions around the world make us rethink our definition of liberty and forces us to ponder on how privileged we are. Looking at the life of people like Park Yeon-mi, we find ourselves to be extremely privileged. The girl who escaped North Korea! Her life can rather be stated as lucky because she at least had the privilege of coming out of the country rather than suffering by staying there. North Korea is one of the toughest countries to live in for a person who has breathed in fresh liberty.

Park hails from North Korea, a country that faces an absolute dictatorship. Her family fled North Korea. When she left North Korea, she and her mother were sold as slaves in China. She was then trafficked to Mongolia and then she fled to the United States. She now serves as an advocate for the cause of human trafficking in China and also urges the global platform to do something to ensure freedom of speech in North Korea. Her speech at One Young World 2014, held in Dublin, Ireland made her a popular figure in the international medium. Her speech earned a whopping figure of 50M views within 2 days of its launch. She studied at Columbia University of the United States. Her sister Eun-mi had fled the country even before them. She received international praise for her courage. She remembers the first time when she got a taste of freedom after she got an illegal copy of the film ‘Titanic’. She first realized how terrifically their freedom is thwarted in their country. There are many more like her who had successfully fled the country which can be compared next to hell. Her book, To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom has received recognition worldwide. Today she lives life on her terms and has a YouTube channel where she discusses the news from North Korea.

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