Open Letter from Heera Group

Open Letter from Heera Group

Open Letter from Heera Group. After the announcement of the Supreme Court on the 24th of March, the Heera Group is having a relief. The past few years have been drastically rough for the company and its owner Ms Nowhera Shaik. After the Supreme Court cleared them out of many allegations; they have been working hard to return the money to their investors according to their respective claims. More than a thousand claims have been fulfilled, but many more remain. The Heera Group team is checking the IBG number; customer receipt and the bank account receipt of the person before sanctioning any money.

Nowhera Shaik:

She is feeling bad to check her people like this but she has no other option as many fraud people; are demanding money illegitimately. All claims applications received before the 24th of March were considered, and work is continuing in that direction. Several claimers have complained that they are not receiving the money. Ms Shaik announced; It’s possible that it’s happening because the IFSC code is incorrect or the KYC hasn’t been updated.

Moto Of Open Letter from Heera Group:

In that case, the Heera Group team is reaching out to the person to help them out. She told that the sales are not always; the same for a company and thus it took time to return the money. But they have returned because Heera Group was not a fraud company and they are still true to their promises.

By the end of the month, all of the payments should be made. People who ask for quick returns are being investigated. If their 20% payment has already been made, they will have to wait in line. The properties that the Supreme Court returned to the Heera Group are currently on hold since the SFIO has not returned the paperwork. The Heera Group have thus requested; the Home Ministry to look into the matter and give a result as soon as possible.

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