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Nowhera Shaik’s motivation in life

Just think often successful business persons of India. There will be many names that will be popping up in your mind. Generally, the name of Nowhera Shaik will not pop up all of a sudden but maybe this is because she used lesser PR stunts and had resorted to good works. She has helped thousands of people to make their living. Starting her struggle from an economically weaker community she had always kept up her vision towards something grandeur. She had never let her poverty affect her mindset. She is a hugely successful businessperson of this era but even beyond that, she is a woman with a golden heart. The contributions made by her in societal development is of extreme significance.

Nowhera Shaik started her life from the bottom and now she is the ruler of an empire which consists of a huge net worth of nearly 1000 crores. On the first day when she made her graduation and chose a path which is quite off-beat! I mean a girl in her 20s dreaming about forming her business empire is highly ambitious and is completely off-beat. The best part of her career is that she has never achieved success all by herself, rather she has helped everyone else in the path to be as successful as her.

‘’There are some days in our lives when it just feels awful to be where we are. It just feels that the grind is coming to swallow us as a whole. It is at these times when we have to be extra careful about our aims. We must accomplish our goals as a whole. Never doubt your capabilities, even on your worst days. Life is uncertain, if you want to make it big, you have to! No excuses ever will cover up!’’ said this tempestuously strong woman.

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