You are currently viewing Nowhera Shaik’s distress it seems to be never-ending.

Nowhera Shaik’s distress it seems to be never-ending.

Nowhera Shaik’s, It seems as if the fight for justice is a never-ending process. She already has many fights that have turned her into a rock-solid person but her challenges are constantly rising on a daily basis. Imagine your property being confiscated by the authorities when a case is going on against you. A case in which you have been falsely framed! It already feels as if the entire world has turned against you. Now enduring that situation, fighting over that situation and then again facing challenges! How does that feel like?

The horror!

Nowhera Shaik’s Heera Jewellery property which includes the house, the golden jewellery and a huge amount of cash was confiscated when she was fighting the case of defrauding which was in itself a political plotting against her. Now, she was tired of fighting and finally won that case in the Supreme Court of India. The Supreme Court had then directed the authorities to immediately release all her properties and help her in any further legal procedures.

To her surprise, when Nowhera Shaik was about to enter her Heera Group Jewellery property, she was thwarted by the illegal encroachers in her property. She was pretty taken aback by this illegal act. She even dialled the police to intervene in such a volatile situation.

Her specific area of concern!

She was further surprised and this is where her main concern lies. The property was illegally occupied by Khawaja Moinuddin, the superintendent of police! He and a few of his associates have illegally occupied the property whose property evaluation stands somewhere near 30 Crores. What concerns her is not only her case but thousands of other cases where people in power misuse power in such a brutal way! She is deeply concerned for their well-being but for now, what concerns us is when will she get justice?

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