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Nowhera Shaik – the Legacy is Alive

Death happens to the body but not the soul. Also, the accomplishments of a person are always alive, irrespective of the fact of whether they are alive. Nowhera Shaik is one such person whose legacy will always be carried forward. “I am not at all worried about my legacy because I know that there are hundreds of Nowhera Shaik’s in this country. Young girls just come up! See me, I am here standing on a platform of success. No matter what you look like, no matter where you belong. It is always your work that will keep you moving in life. Unless you keep moving in your life, you will always be stuck at a point. Come out, girls! This country needs a strong tribe of women to build it safer for the next generation of girls.” – her speech motivated so many girls who quivered in respect.

Nowhera Shaik’s company – the Heera Group has been built after years of hard work and struggle. She had put everything at stake to ensure that her family lives happily. She had faced many difficulties in her own life but never tried to grab sympathy for it. She tells, “I know that all my problems are mine and nobody can find a solution to it except for me! People can guide me but it will be me who will be solving it ultimately.”, her voice was shaking with an emotion she had been keeping to herself for years now.

She is a lone fighter and she has fought all her battles by herself. She is a sweet soul who finds comfort in reaching out for welfare to the ones in need of it. Nowhera Shaik will be remembered for many years from now. She will be known as the business entrepreneur who paved the way for many other women to dream!

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