Nowhera Shaik Supporting local businesses is essential for the development of an economy

nowhera shaik

Nowhera Shaik, On this season of Diwali, when the entire India is celebrating to commemorate the defeat of evil and the triumph of good, we must also ensure that the small scale sellers are benefitted from it. While we are celebrating we must also ensure that someone with lesser privilege than us must also be allowed to celebrate in their way. Diwali is the way we can help the local sellers and the small-scale businesses to flourish.

As Nowhera Shaik mentioned, “I come from a family of small-scale businesses. Thus, I know how it feels to be supported. As an entrepreneur myself I started with a small-scale startup which has now turned into such a big company!”

“The only way our economy can be lifted with a sense of social justice is by supporting the small-scale businesspeople because that is how our economy is going to achieve greater income equality.’, she continued. She has been supporting the cause of the small-scale businesses like no one else.

She started a scheme where Heera Group provided one lakh monetary support to startup ideas of women who are trying to make it big amidst intense patriarchal oppression.

Nowhera Shaik is probably one such entrepreneur who believes in the concept of giving more and more on earning more! She has raised a standard of philanthropy and more importantly selfless philanthropy that is free from PR stunts. She has herself supporting many small businesses with funds and other forms of support in the form of resources.

“My best wishes for everyone celebrating Diwali. We must take care of the environment and also the small businesses. This Diwali, buy resources from local shops to boast the local businesses!” her message in Diwali is exactly what we all responsible citizens should agree to!

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