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Nowhera Shaik News Today– the freedom to live life on own terms

Nowhera Shaik News Today : Society has always dictated different norms for a boy and a girl. There are certain restrictions inflicted on a boy which bars them from reaching the heights of success. Just imagine your hands and feet being tied with a rope of century-old injustice and still break free through it and conquer the heights of success. Isn’t it heroic? Indeed, it is! Nowhera Shaik is a name that resonated through the heart and mind of women who wants to break free.

There is a deep entrapped ocean of courage within her heart which is unfathomable by people who wants to wish her a stroke of bad luck. She is unperturbed even after a series of harassments by the higher authorities after her stepping into the political world with the launch of her party named All India Mahila Empowerment Party.

What do you think might have pushed her to endure all the insults and still move forward with a juggernaut spirit? Well, it is nothing but the suppressed fountain of power that resides within her.

Who was Dr Nowhera Shaik, even a few years back? Probably no one! But she established her identity from no one to someone extremely important in the society in terms of power and position. She spread her roots deep inside the soil of ambitions and she conquered every forte she was not supposed to!

Might seem like an appreciation article for Nowhera Shaik News Today, but in reality, she does qualify for such immense praises. She has turned the normal stones into diamonds through her hard work, dedication and courage. Her fighting spirit is still strong enough to endure any blow and fight back. After the judiciary of India ordered her bail and had proven her innocence concerning the case of defrauding the investors, she has decided to not stop even for a while. Along with her business sales, her morale has also risen and is growing towards a boom period.

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