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Nowhera Shaik New– following the ideology of Gandhi

Nowhera Shaik was sure that she was not winning this time. After all, she had just stepped into an unknown genre and suddenly she cannot expect magic out of it! She was sure of the fact that she will be taken seriously by the common people and will be widely welcomed by them as one of their kin but she is not going to win this time. “It’s always not about winning! It is about participating and giving your best shot. This is the only way one can be good at things we try our hands of.” Nowhera Shaik’s intonation was that of an assured human being who could see the future.

She knew it very well that it would be impossible for her to win in such a short span. When she stepped into the political atmosphere of the state of Karnataka, she was greeted well by the common people out there but not the existing political structure of the state. She has been handling her company named – the Heera Group all by herself. Even after spending years in business, when she stepped into politics, it could be not for money and power. As the CEO and Managing Director of Heera Company, she was much more successful and powerful in terms of holding a position.

It was a sheer sense of responsibility as a citizen of this country to help the poor and underprivileged people of this great country to turn them self-sufficient. If we closely monitor, her life as a whole, we get to see that she is one such person who believes in empowering the bottom portion of the economic pyramid. As Mahatma Gandhi quoted, “Poverty is the greatest form of violence.”, she has been a true believer in Gandhian ideology. She has always fostered the idea of unity in diversity and reducing poverty and suffering. That all about Nowhera Shaik New Blog

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