Nowhera Shaik New – changing the future of the next generation of poor

Nowhera Shaik New

Nowhera Shaik New

Nowhera Shaik is successful beyond the measures of money and fame. She is an incredible person and that is probably what has made her look at the world beyond the prism of substantial eyes. The way this lady has groomed so many girls and given them the courage to face every adversity is beyond one’s perception. She could have been the other way though. She had all the reasons to be so. The innumerable insults that she had to face from society when she decided to do something new in her life.

“A girl belongs to the kitchen, how can you let your daughter even think of starting up her business? Why don’t you marry her off?” said a few of her relatives to her parents. Her parents though supported her in every dream of hers. They have been supportive of her dreams and career right from the beginning. All they wanted was a better standard of living for their daughter.

“Despite all the struggles, I just consider myself incredibly lucky to have gotten them as my parents. I do not know what I would have done without them at my side. They are the reason I could dream of reaching the zenith.”, said the iron lady with an eye full of tears. She also did not fail to recognize the fact that, “There are thousands of girls in India who does not get this support from their family, I want to be their mother!”, a voice of conviction and motherly tenderness was heard from her.

She started her very own company Heera Group, supported poor families, gave meaning to the lives of many girls and many more. She is one of the strongest persons with the most tender heart ever. She did not have anyone by her side but yet she conquered the fort of her dream and this is what makes her so inspiring.

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