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Nowhera Shaik Net Worth

Introduction of Nowhera Shaik:

To call it “the best” would be an understatement for Nowhera Shaik. She is a multifaceted woman and has been involved in many fields and has achieved great success in all of them. She can wear many hats. Nowhera Shaik Net worth is all about her handwork . She is a Businesswoman and Entrepreneur and a Human Rights and Women Rights Activists activist, and a Politician.

She is the CEO, MD and Founder of “Heera Groups of Companies”. The headquarter of the company is in Hyderabad, with branches throughout India and Asia. She is the International Human Rights Association’s Women’s wing in India, and she is the Association’s lifetime Vice-President.

Early Life of Nowhera Shaik:

She was born into a business family and is the eldest of six siblings. She began religious education in the madrassa at just 19 years old. Gradually, her students began to increase, so she founded the Islamic School. The 150 students, many of whom were financially poor, received free education.

This was an example of early philanthropism. She also got involved in the gold business, which later became the Heera Groups of Companies.

Business, Social Work, Activism and Politics:

She started with gold exports and imports under the name Heera Gold Imports & Exports. The business provided funds for the student’s expenses, including books, uniforms and costs of lodging. This was vital because many of these children came from poverty. Dr Shaik understood the business well and expanded the business to other areas.

Heera Group has been established in 1998 and It now has 20 companies dealing in various industries, including food exports and supplies, investment and gold, jewel and mineral water. In a span of over ten years, her business offered products and services to more than 50 countries.

The Journey of Heera Group began with Gold Business. Later, it expanded into other sectors like Textile, Tourism and Real Estate. Nowhera Shaik also launched, Heera Foodex as new ventures.

Nowhera Shaik Net Worth:

Heera Group has spread across 50 countries and includes 20 companies. There are more than 2 Lakh plus investors in the Heera Gold Scheme.

These combined ventures have a turnover of over Rs.1000 Crore. Nowhera Shaik net worth is not publicly disclosed yet, but her Net worth estimated is between Rs.100 Crore to Rs.200 Crore.

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