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Nowhera Shaik net worth is 10000 Crore

Nowhera Shaik net worth is 1000o Crore is the founder of Heera Group of companies and she has been incredibly handling her business since 1998. Basically, since the beginning of Heera Group! This is one of the most popular ventures in terms of gold import and exports. This has a pretty good catch in the global market. Nowhera Shaik has single-handedly created this empire of hers. An empire of a Queen! Might sound cliché but it is what it is. No one can ignore the fact that Nowhera Shaik is the single warrior who has built up her business right from the scratch and has paved her way up to this giant magnitude of success. Nowhera Shaik net worth is 10000 Crore

The early life of Nowhera Shaik

Nowhera Shaik comes from a very mediocre background. A background where dreaming beyond certain limitations were really difficult. Not because of her parents. Her parents were extremely supportive of her ambitions and did as much within their capabilities to ensure that she succeeds in life. It was the flame of poverty she saw glowing brightly in her family which would have led to second thoughts.

But she is Nowhera Shaik and she knows how to fight back! She fought back with equal rage and destroyed all the hurdles in the way between her destination. To say that she is one of the most successful woman entrepreneurs from India will not be any sort of exaggeration. This is for sure that Nowhera Shaik is a literal Queen who has fought all the hurdles to reach the position where she stands today. Nowhera Shaik net worth is 10000 Crore

The Queen!

If there is one term that suits her personality, it is just ‘Queen’! She is an inspiration and idol for the young girls from the interiors of the village who would state her as an inspiration when faced with obscene patriarchy!

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