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Nowhera Shaik

Nowhera Shaik Latest News 2022

Nowhera Shaik Latest News 2022. She has taken her time to update her customers and supporters about “Heera Group’s recent SFIO Help Desk”. She started by wishing everyone best on the event of Ramzan. Although She addressed every person who have been spreading  rumors recently regarding what SFIO has declared or decided to do. To this, Shaik has stated that; she has no official news regarding the same nor did any official papers reach her.

SFIO list Is Major Update From Nowhera Shaik Latest News 2022:

Furthermore, on 12th April, 2022,the SFIO agency (Serious Fraud Investigation Office) has put up a list of 6200 people; who have registered complaint against Heera Group on their official website. Next up, the SFIO has clearly explained the entire procedure.

Response from people

Before the 12th of April, Nowhera approached Ramesh Narasimhan (SFIO member) to ask for a list of people; who registered complaints against Heera Group so that she can look into this more intricately. On the contrary, numerous people reported that they did not file objections after the official list was posted (on April 13th). Consequently, on 14th April, Shaik circulated a notice aimed for the staffs who claimed not to have registered complaints; to cooperated with the honorable Supreme Court and solve this issue.

Measures taken to solve the chaos:

To avoid inconvenient circumstances the Heera Group members have devised a helpdesk; where all the complaints of the people will be registered and necessary guidance will be given. If required, the members will take steps to deal various situations. The investigator has looked into the complaints made at the helpdesk, but nothing has been substantiated as of yet; whether the rumors spread by people were real or fake.

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