Nowhera Shaik journey as a female entrepreneur

Nowhera Shaik

Nowhera Shaik journey as a female entrepreneur. Whenever this word comes, it is most likely to be a man you all must be imagining. This is exactly how patriarchy has systemized us into believing for ages now. There are only a few instances of people who could break the chain of suppression and succeed in this entrepreneurial world!

Nowhera Shaik is truly one of those people whose contribution to the entrepreneurial industry is undeniable. She can somewhat be considered a brand ambassador of the voices whose speeches are muffled by the ones in power.

Does she even need any introduction?

Not! She is one such highly successful woman who requires no introduction. She is an extremely successful and kind-hearted business lady who has established herself as the matriarch of a huge business house – the Heera Group of Companies. In the course of time, she has realized that she has the power within herself and thus it requires her to be more poised and empowering.

She became the torch-bearer of real feminism. In the ’90s when women empowerment was not much of a concept, she helped it to get concretized into one. Her incredible journey has many ups and downs like every other successful person but she has never given up in her tough times.

Life is a blessing to her

She has repeatedly stated in many of her interviews, that to her, life is wonderful forever. Even in the days when she feels like losing her ground, she considers it as a huge lesson by the Almighty. She has unshakable confidence in the goodness and kindness in humanity and radiates a sense of positivity to every room she walks in. In today’s world, confident, independent and inspirational boss ladies are the people whom today’s generation will look up to for empowerment!

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