Nowhera Shaik is Empowering The Society

Nowhera Shaik

Nowhera Shaik, Social service for all. Some can, some cannot. Entrepreneurs get too little time to work for the society while being busy in the smoother running of their enterprise but the determination. For her, the priority was serving the underprivileged and being the voice of the voiceless. She established her successful Heera Group of Companies intending to generate revenue for her social works.

Empowering by Education

Born in 1973 in a business family in Tirupati, Nowhera has always thought about uplifting the downtrodden masses of her society. She witnessed the irrational discrimination shown towards the women of her community. Seeing the plight of women, she started teaching merely six girls, at the age of nineteenth, some religious texts, and scriptures. Her strong determination to provide quality education to women led to the establishment of the Heera School and College for Women in 1998. The school also houses a residential facility for girls. Dr. Shaik has also established the Heera Islamic Business Group for teaching professional skills for women in crafts and trade.

Social Service and Politics

Especially Nowhera Shaik has always worked to uplift the underprivileged of her society. Moreover this interest has led her to come into the field of business. For her, social concerns stood first and the profit generated from her business was for bringing a change in society. Shaik’s contribution towards women’s empowerment and upliftment of the poor has not gone unrecognized.

Especially For her efforts towards creating a better society, Shaik has been awarded several awards and recognitions over the years. She has been named the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year; as well as the International Achievers Award for her social service. Although She had understood that the male-dominant space has not brought enough changes in to make the women socially aware as well as independent. Which led to the formation of her All India Mahila Empowerment Party.

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