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Nowhera Shaik Heera Gold Scam Truth

Three years of police harassment and many more forms of harassment and yet she won the battle ultimately! Life seems to be unfair sometimes but ultimately it has its habit of putting things in place. Some women are born Queen, some aspire to be one and some does not have enough courage for that! Nowhera Shaik belongs to the first group. She is a true Queen with an indomitable spirit and an unstoppable urge to rise from Nowhera Shaik Heera Gold Scam

Nowhera Shaik’s political journey was something very abrupt in the political dynamics of the state of Karnataka. A decisive election was coming and the election ambience clearly stated a bi-polar fight between the two main parties. There was a huge polarization in politics in the climate of Karnataka politics and many more but finally, when she started with her journey in politics, several big political parties offer her to coalesce the parties to gain a greater advantage. She exactly knew what they were talking about. She would be used as a face for the Muslim population to draw necessary vote shares but she strongly refuted it because it went out of her ideology and she was not ready to give up her ideology for anything.

Her rise in the political environment was significant because of her simple speaking manners, speeches and it was well-noticed that the masses could connect with her because of her simplicity level. Her election rallies drew a crowd and there was a star campaigner too. But she did not contest the election herself because she was more interested in devising strategies to help people afford a better life. She lost the election but established her party in the foothold of the country. Her political rise was seen as alarming by some of her contemporary politicians who devised fake narratives to demean her and finally plotted their most wonderful plan to dismantle the earned reputation of her company. We all know what happened next. Even today she is unflinching about her decisions for Nowhera Shaik Heera Gold Scam. She is an unstoppable, unbreakable Queen.

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