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Heera Group Gold

Nowhera Shaik, a businesswoman from India has made history globally for Heera Gold Group. She is a Muslim woman business person who has achieved multiple accolades for her business plans and her philanthropic activities. Let us look at the 1000 crore business model by Nowhera Shaik and some of the incredible works she has been a part of.

Heera Business Group – A Vision

Heera Gold Group is a business group that started back in 1998. Since then, it has emerged as one of the most successful business organizations from the Indian subcontinent. Heera Group has several services available and multiple pockets of investment. From gold trading, silver trading, water bottle packaging to several other pockets. This successful business jacked up its sales after the gold trading company Heera Gold. Heera Gold venture rocked the market statistics in the early 2000s era.

Formation of Heera Gold

Heera Gold is a business venture that had been formed by Dr Nowhera Shaik back in 2012-2013. This company has received a high market share in the gold trading market. She formed this company after many years of hard work and struggle. This company was launched with collective efforts by women from rural villages. Nowhera Shaik started this venture by selling gold directly from the goldsmiths to the women in villages who then further went from village to village and sold golden jewellery and raw gold to other women. This collective business module was sustained through many years and finally transformed into the form of a big business in 2012.

Women Empowerment

Nowhera Shaik started a chain of schools right from the time she started earning stably. She has built several schools for girls. She has even sold out her ancestral property to render place to develop an educational institute. She has also created Heera Islamic University for women which promotes female higher education in our country.

She has many feathers to her wings but primarily she is a kind-hearted soul who loves empowering the ones who needs to be empowered.

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