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Nowhera Shaik has assured all of Heera Group investors

Heera Group investors, Nowhera Shaik has once again proved that she is a responsible matriarch of her company – Heera Group, which she considers to be her very own family. Nowhera Shaik has assured all the investors of Heera Group to stay calm for the coming times and keep their faith invested in her and her company.

“My company – Heera Group, started in 1998 has been running very successfully. In my career of 18 years, before I entered into politics, there are no discrepancies at all. All of the discrepancies thereafter are a direct result of political rivalry and has got nothing to do with my business. None of my investors will be cheated with their money!”, a lady with an absolute calm and assuring intonation said.

When asked to a few of their investors, the reactions were very general. “I invested in Heera Group based on the goodwill of Nowhera Shaik and I have all faith in her!” said one of them. While another said that she has full confidence that she has invested exactly in the right company. She has full faith in the goodwill and authenticity of the company.

Heera Group Managing Director herself has assured all of its investors that she will ensure that all of her investor’s money is safe. She had already given options to her investors to either continue or discard trade relations with her company. To this option, most of them responded with trade continuation.

She has also ensured that the investors who have died also will not be discredited with their money. She has decided that the money of the investors who have deceased will go directly to the ones they had nominated.

Nowhera Shaik’s assurance is something very affirming and credible to her investors. Nowhera Shaik lastly asked everyone to have faith in her.

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