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Nowhera Shaik generous step for women

Nowhera Shaik generous step for women in the country. She has made everything possible for the sake of the mothers and the sisters of her country. She has made schools for women, educated the underprivileged, made hospitals for the people below the poverty level and now she’s leading the party for the women. The party is known as the All Indian Mahila Empowerment Party and its basic task is to fight for women rights.

The AIMEP: Silver Lining for the women

 With the leadership of Ms Shaik, the All India Mahila Empowerment Party was founded on November 12th in 2017. It was a noble step and was supported by renowned personalities from different fields. According to Ms Shaik, people only talks about women empowerment but women are still neglected in society. She along with her party ensured the women irrespective of creed, region and caste are empowered. She has also raised her voice regarding the representation of women in the parliament and has also urged for the Women’s Reservation Bill Implementation. The party has been approved and recognised as an eligible party in the elections. Although it is not a front wing party, it has won the trust of thousands of women, all thanks to Ms Shaik.

New Working Committee Appointed

The party have their units throughout the country. Recently the Maharashtra unit has seen a major change. Ms Shaik received feedback from the members of the Maharashtra unit and the common people regarding their demands. Keeping things in mind she has appointed a new committee for the Mumbai City and the Maharashtra unit under the leadership of the new ‘Mahila’ President Mrs Sunita Mohan Topusoundarya. She’s beloved by her colleagues and the common people. Ms Shaik hopes that Mrs Topusoundarya shall be sincere towards the ideologies of AIMEP and will be working on the welfare of her fellow people.

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