Nowhera Shaik and her responsibilities as the Founder of Heera Group and AIMEP 

Dr. Nowhera realized that the women of the poverty class of the society are being deprived of their fundamental rights and opportunities because of poverty of necessities, severe exploitation and religious organization and the small girl had a responsibility towards them. She, then, thought about the concept of forming the All India Mahila Empowerment Party to develop them and to open all opportunities and rights, they should get to develop their personality and to uplift their full stature, physical, moral and spiritual values. They had to galvanize and they should be provided with all the opportunities to acquire professional knowledge in every field so that they are fully prepared to compete for the toe to toe and shine in all the fields they are in. By floating the party, she also shined the energy of a new bronze fire. She had a vision that one day this section of society, uncomfortable, uneasy, and hot with the heat of extreme poverty and injustice amongst them will be transformed into an oasis of prosperity as well as justice. Thereafter, she floated the said party to cause a social sense of justice. 

The following are some of its chief objectives: 

1. Free solar power production station for all farmers residing in Uttar Pradesh. 

2. Arrangement of equitable irrigation technology for all regions of Uttar Pradesh. 

3. Renaissance to accelerate irrigation methods. 

4. Reformative tasks to improve the educational background of the down-to-earth classes of the  

nation in general and the less-than half respectively. 

5. Re-innovation of Uttar Pradesh to make it a suitable welfare state of the nation. 

6. Providing free of cost seeds by the Government firms to all farmers of Uttar Pradesh. 

7. Building of free soil examining stations in all districts and villages of UP. 

8. Well furnishing for minimalist support cost for all trading in crops. 

9. Without any interest loans to all the farmers of Uttar Pradesh. 

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