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Nowhera Shaik and a thread of her achievements

“If you think you will never be able to make it big, chances are that you might not! Instead, if you look at things from a different perspective, a perspective of positive intentions, you will win anyway!” when the words of this iron lady struck the silence of the hall room, a concussion of positivity and self-confidence embalmed the atmosphere of the place.

Nowhera Shaik has always been a sort of motivational speaker and has kept on motivating people from time to time just to ensure that they are doing good in their own lives. She has always been like a guide to the ones who need guidance in their life. She has groomed thousands of girls in her initial days as well as in the peak of her career. She just wants every girl in this world to be as successful as she is.

She strongly believes that she can never stay happy if people around the world is not happy. She thus tries to emancipate the conditions of the women all around the country to ensure that everyone can grow with a sense of pride and security.

This article, titled about her achievements has spoken very little of her achievements. But this is because she has achieved many things above the materialistic establishments, she has embellished her career with more subtle achievements. There have been times when she has given her entire income to build something for a noble cause.

Like there was one time when she had sold out her familial property to collect money for building multiple schools in the interiors. Today she successfully runs several educational institutions to ensure that every little girl in the interiors can dream of accomplishing something in life as they have planned! She has injected in the girls a disease of ambitions and dreams and it is not going to cure unless it is achieved!

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