Nowhera Shaik – an inspirational personality

Nowhera Shaik is probably one of the living examples of how you can shape your fate. “Trust me, many will tell you how your destiny is created before and cannot be changed in any way! Never fall for those explanations of those losers! If you want to win, you must be having a winning mentality and a winning attitude. A positive attitude is the only thing that will keep you going through every difficult situation. Especially if you are a girl and trying to dream big in life, just know they are trying to intimidate you into not entering a life that will liberate you. Most men do not want women to be liberated and this is a fact. Just follow your heart and shape your destiny yourself! Had there been a pre-destined destiny then I would have never gone from poverty to riches.”, she got very emotional while she uttered each other.

Her life can be documented in a way that she has dragged herself from the bottom of poverty and reached the zenith of success. Many people would have given up, had they been in her place. The way she has swum in a pool of hurdles specially designed for her and succeeded flawlessly is an achievement in itself. The ordinary girl from the markets of Tirupati rose all her way up in the business industry making a mark that will be imprinted in the sands of time for a long time.

She has given us hope that if we do our work with conviction then we will certainly achieve it. There is nothing but us who can stop us from achieving what we want. Lastly, she says, “Never start disbelieving in yourself! That is the biggest harm, you can do to yourself.”

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