Nowhera Shaik – a woman of wonder

nowhera shaik

Nowhera Shaik started as a normal vegetable-seller with her mother when she was just a teen. No one would have imagined that this girl would in her later life form 17 companies having more than 2 lakh investors across many states of India and have a turnover of more than Rs 1000 crore.

The flip in her fortune may seem to you like a drama when you hear all her works: she obtained a degree in business management and also made madrassa for the girls and also contested the polls by creating a party in Karnataka.

It is known that she studied for some years Islamic education in a Madrassa after dropping out of school and at this time, she got in contact with some women in her village. She used to sell the jewellery that she bought from different Goldsmiths to them.  Nowhera also claimed that a group was made by her consisting of women during the years of 1997 and 1998 and that group invested in her business. She also used to share the profits that she received with them.

In the year 2008, her partners gave an idea of forming a company to run this whole business on a larger scale and then she started her first firm and registered it as a private limited in 2012 and the name was – “Heera Gold”.

She also persuaded her sister and then her brother to join in this journey of the business as an employee. Later, she formed more than 16 companies in many ranges of business starting from food, travel, construction, etc and all starting with one name- “Heera”. This multi-national group has offices around the globe like in Kuwait, Dubai, Oman and other places.

Nowhera Shaik aimed to empower women and the women society. Every step in her life became an inspiration for many. She provided different services from financial supports to prevailing justice to many people.

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