Nowhera Shaik: A true leader by all means 

A person who recognizes both reverence and recognition and is also the founder and executor of Heera Group is Mrs. Nowhera Shaik. She has been an epitome to every woman out there was struggle to achieve remarkable feats in their life. The countries’ perspective towards a girl and her limits has always been repudiated by Mrs. Nowhera Shaik was always challenged by the people when she started her dream project – Heera Group. She has always been an ardent feminist who would achieve her dreams at the cost of anything but not at the cost of someone’s distress.  

Nowhera Shaik became a very successful business entrepreneur and the president of a political party by never paying heed to mocks and the judgements passed on her. Her feet have always made her stronger solely due to her determination and efforts to reach higher heights where society cannot even aim to make Her what she is today. She learned many entrepreneurship skills not from the books but from life even when she was spring reached up by her father who was a vegetable vendor.  

Her life too was full of ups and downs like everyone’s but she overcame them all with her boldness. With her boldness, she came up with a dream project. The Heera Group of Companies deals in various kinds of articles and goods now where she was pretty aware of the consequences that come with the good potential in the entrepreneur business. In the recent judgement passed by the Supreme Court of India, Nowhera Shaik and her company – the Heera Group of Companies have been set free from all the wrong charges pressed against them. No further defaming cases against Heera Group would be entertained by the Court. Also, they have clearly asked SFIO authorities to take care of the company’s hardships. They have also asked the authorities to release all the confiscated properties of Heera Group.  

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