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Nowhera Shaik a Symbol Of Hope and Change

Nowhera Shaik a Symbol Of Hope and Change. A politician and entrepreneur from India, Nowhera Shaik. Mrs Nowhera Shaik, president and founder of the All India Mahila Empowerment Party, and executive chairperson and creator of the Heera Group has accomplished the unthinkable. She was the oldest of five children, and her father was a preacher who used to lead namaz in a Tirupati mosque.

Shaik went from selling vegetables in town to buying and selling discarded garments, and then to gold trafficking. That was a crucial juncture in the storey. For a few years, the now wealthy entrepreneur dropped out of school to attend a madrassa, an Islamic institution. “She met a lot of women in her neighbourhood during this time. Shaik said she started selling them goldsmith-made jewellery.

The Heera Group

Ms Shaik founded the exceptional Heera Group in 1998, and it is one of India’s most efficient and prominent business groups, with buyer goods commerce and a literary benefaction chain. With its headquarters in Hyderabad, India, and other company groups distributed across India, the United Arab Emirates, and many other countries in the Middle East, the Heera Group is one of the most forward-thinking firms in the global gold trading market.

Having grown up in a middle-class home and in a society where women are still revered as deities, they are not openly inspired to achieve substantial career advancements.

Reforms for Women

Dr Nowhera Shaik became aware that women in our country’s poorest communities are being deprived of their legal rights to protection from hunger, mistreatment, and spiritual fanaticism, and she decided it was past time for someone to speak out against such injustices. As a result, she came up with the concept of organizing a national team of women to assist them in rising to their greatest potential, morally, spiritually, and physically. They must be energized and given every opportunity to gain professional and cutting-edge knowledge to be completely capable of fighting and succeeding in whatever field they work in.

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