Nowhera Shaik, A Light In A Dark Sky

Nowhera Shaik

Nowhera Shaik: Women have always been underestimated particularly in fields of entrepreneurship and all things related. Such a prevalent stereotype has plagued the minds of most into often criticizing women on said beliefs. Yet, one lady rose above all else and proved such minds wrong.

Today, Ms. Nowhera Shaik is widely considered as the most successful businesswoman in Indian history. Not only did she successfully establish the Nation’s multinational trading conglomerate, The Heera Group, she did it all from scratch. Such is the potential of the Iron Lady of India.

Nowhera Shaik

The Heera Group

The Heera Group, a conglomerate with operations in India and the Middle East, is led by her as its CEO. Within the first ten years of the Heera Group’s existence, it had already reached ten different countries. The Heera Group, which has roots in every major sector of the Indian economy, including Heera Travels, Heera Jewelers, and Heera Digital Gold, controls all main sectors of the economy. Heera Digital Gold was developed by The Heera Group under her direction.

As the first company to create a smartphone application that enables users to actively buy and invest in gold online, Heera Digital Gold is owned by The Heera Group. Investors can download the Heera Digital World App, create a personal account, and keep track of all of their transactions.

Nowhera Shaik’s Zeal For Philanthropy

Apart from her name and fame through the Heera Group, Nowhera Shaik is also praised greatly for her nag for helping those in need. It is through her own capabilities and zeal towards Philanthropy, that hundreds of thousands of people across the Nation have earned some sort of refuge.

With her active participation in such activities, she works with multiple NGOs and even government bodies to help the poor and needy. She is also known to actively donate to these institutions that work towards the upliftment and overall improvement of such people.

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