Nowhera Shaik: A gifted personality altogether

Nowhera Shaik Latest News 2022

Renowned Heera Group’s founder & CEO Nowhera Shaik has gained national as well as international recognition in these recent years. She has attained heights that a handful could ever only think of. With years of experience, hard work, dedication, and patience, Nowhera Shaik has claimed the success that she owns today. She has established a political party of her own by the name All Inda Mahila Empowerment Party (AIMEP).

The vision of AIMEP:

Women are underestimated pretty often and that is nothing unknown to us. Specifically in India, women are mocked, judged, and harassed for their high aspirations. Society barely ever recognizes their potential beyond household chores. Nowhera Shaik had to endure the same challenges but she held on. She wants to help other women alike to claim their share of rights and opportunities. The prime objective behind the establishment of Heera Group is to encourage women to come forward and demand what has always been theirs: respect.

Relief Programmes:

Nowhera Shaik’s hospitality never fails to amaze us. Despite being the owner of a company worth millions, she associates with any other being as their very equal. Not once does she boast off her achievements.

During the rough times of the COVID-19 pandemic, she has come to the aid of many helpless people. She engaged her teams in organizing food distribution camps, awareness programs to discuss the precautions against the virus, academic workshops for the children of rural India, and arranging oxygen cylinders for patients. People shower her with blessings and love for all that she does for them.

Heera Group’s efficiency:

Nowhera Shaik’s Heera Group was initially involved exclusively in the gold trade. Following the company’s huge success, they opened many branches and expanded their trade item list. Heera Group has numerous other companies:

•           Heera Pure Drops

•           Heera Foodex

•           Heera Mart

•           Heera Tours & Travel

The company prioritizes its customers’ interests. They deal in reliable products at reasonable prices. Their extraordinary strategies make them stand out. You would never find an employee being rude to the customers at any Heera Group store!

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