Nowhera Shaik: A brainwave

Nowhera Shaik

Born in Tirupati, Nowhera Shaik is one of the famous personalities of India. However, all this fame did not reach her overnight. Her journey from a vegetable vendor to a self-made millionaire is one to take inspiration from. With the support of her excellent character traits. She is now the role model for thousands of Indian women.

She is an inspiration to many. At the age of just five she started her journey as a vegetable vendor transiting to a gold seller. She bought gold from gold smiths and sold them locally. Gradually she started her own company with few other women. The first company under the Heera empire was Heera digital gold.

Nowhera Shaik


Dr. Shaik bagged numerous awards. With the Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award in 2013. Her journey of receiving awards was initialized. Business Leadership Icon in 2018 also acquired by her. The unstoppable lady was awarded as the Stardust Achiever in 2017. She identified as a woman of Integrity in 2016.

On 16th of November 2017 Nowhera shaik formed the All India Mahila Empowerment Party. The party competed the 2018 Karnataka Legislative Assembly election. Shaik also received award by UAE Minister for Business Leadership Icon in 2018.

The Heera Empire

The Heera group of companies aims at securing the futures of its investors and employees along with every other human in India. This investment comes with innovation. It allows individuals to start investing with a little amount and encourages the rest. By investing only RS. 100 one can earn a digital gold share.

Making the process way easier, it allows their customers to place their orders online. Heera Group has international presence in – India, UAE, China, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, and Canada. Also in many more countries. Heera Group is identified an interest free business group. She transformed her family business into modern and innovative gold trade which is famous today.

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