You are currently viewing Nowhera Heera Group – The Business Success in the life of a True Queen!

Nowhera Heera Group – The Business Success in the life of a True Queen!

Some women aspire to be a Queen but some are just born with it! Nowhera Shaik is one such Queen who has been ruling the multiple lines of business industries for decades. Her life story when closely observed radiates an opulence of bravery and courage, her two constants. She started her career as an educationist, teaching young kids from different villages but later expanded her business services in different formats that helped her gain more popularity in life. Nowhera Heera Group was great success

She started her very famous business line Heera Gold with very little investment but a plethora of hopes. The investors who invested in her business lines saw a huge potential in her. The young lady with ambitions succeeded in consolidating her dreams into reality. Nowhera Shaik has never failed to amaze us with her comebacks. Be it in Nowhera Heera Group or her personal space.

She has led a life of no regrets, a life ornated with multiple events of importance that painted her as the lady that she is today. Her success in the business field helped her gain support from many investors and thus helped her to expand several pockets of services in her company Heera Groups.

Today Heera Group is a cluster of multiple business lines, starting from textiles, gold and silver jewellery, food export, water bottle and many other services. Heera Group was out of the market for a while due to their Managing Director Nowhera Shaik being imprisoned with defrauding cases. This allegation was a direct result of her entering into the political atmosphere. She was harassed a lot due to her way of leading an independent life. Nowhera Shaik has also supported many small businesses by women with her scheme of offering them 1 lakh for their start-ups. She is a true Queen and an exemplary businesswoman.

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