Noah Glass

Noah Glass

Noah Glass is an American entrepreneur, and best known for his early work launching Twitter and Odeo in July 2006, a company that closed in 2017. Glass is appreciated for inventing the name “Twitter”, which began as “Twttr”. Glass is the Twitter co-founder you’ve never heard of. He was pushed out of the company way in the year of 2006.


After leaving Twitter, Glass worked on several projects with Marc Canter, a co-founder of MacroMind which later became Macromedia.

He later developed an app that allows a user to enter an audio blog entry from a remote cell to a phone location. His small start-up in his career known as AudBlog was eventually created in partnership with Evan Williams. The two of them then created Odeo, known as a podcasting company.

Odeo was supposed to be a podcasting platform at the beginning of their startup. But then Apple launched iTunes and every member of Odeo got panicked. Along with Jack Dorsey and a web developer named Florian Webber, Noah established something called Twitter which he named by himself. The invented app became Glass’ obsession.

Noah fired Twitter

On YouTube Noah Glass, the forgotten co-founder of Twitter who came up with the company’s name,IPO as Dorsey’s secretary at Square (i.e. very little), according to Nick Bilton’s known as a writer, who published a new book, “Hatching Twitter: A True Story especially based on Money, Friendship, Betrayal, and power.”

According to the report, Glass was amid an unsuccessful marriage, a situation that he handled alone and wasn’t helped by any of the stresses at that time that came with working on an app such as a startup like Twitter. His personality and style had become “unpredictable” according to other employees of the web developer and eventually led to his departure from the company in 2018.

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