Nisha Gupta – Success Story of Wheel Chair Bound Para-Athlete

Nisha Gupta

Nisha Gupta childhood days:

In the early days, Nisha Gupta was an active child and never sat free. In her free time, she used to spend time with her brothers and friends. In her childhood days, an incident occurred that changed her life and brought her to the wheelchair. With her family, she visited her village. Along with her brothers, she climbed the mango tree to pluck the mangoes but unfortunately, she couldn’t balance, and she slipped and fell on the ground resulting in a fracture in her spine.

She had to undergo spinal cord surgery and was asked to rest at home. For 4 years, she was confined to sitting at home, watching TV, eating, sleeping, and repeating. She was slowly moving into depression.

Nonetheless, her family was unaware of the severe injury but couldn’t do anything much as they lacked the knowledge to deal with the problem.

Who might have thought, Nisha Gupta, who represented India at international basketball matches and won medals for the country, would have to face such problems in her early life. It’s just unimaginable.

First Taste of Success:

Once Nisha attended an event organized by a Mumbai-based welfare organization named Nina Foundation, which worked for those who sustained spinal injuries. Nina Foundation brought life back to her as she was depressed and felt dejected at home. She met many like her but her mentor, Oliver, was the actual turning point of Nisha’s life. He brought confidence in her to be independent by encouraging her in every little thing.

Oliver, who also was in a wheelchair, encouraged Nisha to travel alone. While traveling in an auto or taxi, anyone can help us get in, and after reaching the destination, one can ask help to safely move us out of the vehicle. Such small things motivated her and boosted her confidence.

Nisha Gupta’s Achievements:

  • In 2015, Nisha secured a bronze medal in a Wheelchair basketball tournament.
  • She is 3-time gold and bronze medalist at the state level and national level in swimming, respectively.
  • Secured 3rd position in a Wheelchair basketball tournament held in Bali in 2017.
  • She is an active member of the Maharashtra Women’s wheelchair basketball team.

Nisha Gupta’s Vision for para-athletes:

On being asked about views on other para-athletes, Nisha Gupta quoted, “Para-athletes should be encouraged by other athletes. Equal respect and admiration should be given to both. Sports clubs should also encourage and motivate para-athletes and provide practice facilities for practice. The government should also support athletes in their decision to practice rigorously,” as she feels para-athletes need more support.

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