Nischay Malhan


Nischay Malhan, more known as touched off Insaan, is an Indian YouTuber and Video game live Banderole from New Delhi, India. He’s known for his uproarious vids and responses to colorful online motifs and vids on his channel touched off Insaan. As of 22 October 2020, touched off Insaan is the 36th most subscribed individual creator YouTube channel in India. His other channel Live Insaan is devoted to gaming and Live live aqueducts with over 3.9 million Subscribers.


He has an aged family, Prerna Malhan, she also has a youtube channel named Wanderer’s mecca. ( citation demanded) He also has a youngish family, Abhishek Malhan, he has two channels, Fukra Insaan, and Fukra insaan Live. Nischay used to be an intelligent pupil in the academy and would always come third or alternate in his standard every time. He got a job but he did not like his director who teased him since he’d watch vids of other YouTubers while eating during lunch. In their first job, his master fired him in 3 months.


Nischay Malhan, a Youtuber, and content creator by passion but first he’s a Web inventor by qualification, Yes he has done his engineering at The Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi after that started doing a job but left the job for Youtube, he lives in New Delhi with his Father, Mother, Brother, and Family. While doing his alternate job, he used to record vids late at night, and when he was around 100k subs, he left his job and came to a full-time YouTuber. After that, he continued to post vids on YouTube and gradationally came a successful and established YouTuber. He first named his channel yea- yea- Bhai this is because his name Nischay translates to obviously in English.

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