New Units of the Heera Group inaugurated

New Units of the Heera Group inaugurated

New Units of the Heera Group inaugurated. Ms Nowhera Shaik is an eminent name in the conglomerate sector in India. She has made a name for producing excellent products at reasonable prices in this time of crisis. Ms Shaik knows that the middle class of the country is going through an economic downfall during this time of the global pandemic.

Ms Shaik belonged to a middle-class family of six sisters. She sold vegetables with her mother during her childhood. Despite all the hardships and contributions for her family, she was never given the comfortable life she expected or deserved. Ms Shaik thus formed this company back in the late nineties. The company competed with other companies like Reliance and Malabar. In 2018 she received the best businessman award from the United States of Emirates president.

After all these achievements Ms Shaik decided to expand the business. She started several new schemes where the investors would get an interest return of twenty per cent. Several investors invested in her company in hope of getting a return. But fate had some other plans for her. The Heera Group was sued by the government due to several accusations. After all the fights she was cleared by the Supreme Court and she got back her company.

After this incident, she resumed the expansion of the business. She has recently opened a new branch of the Heera Mart in Mumbai where one can get all the garments, beauty products and pieces of jewellery. The mall is a destination for new brides who wants a complete makeover for their marriage. The Mart also has textile products for the groom and is a must-visit for both males and females. Recently she has inaugurated a new Jewellery Showroom in the Kukatpally city of Hyderabad. Ms Shaik is also returning the twenty per cent interest to her investors who helped her during the crisis period. She is determined and hopes to expand the business further.

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