Nelson Mandela- The Leader of a Revolution

Nelson Mandela

While I’m not black or white, these protests still disturbed me. Despite so many years of independence, why are we still fighting injustice, inequality, equality, and all citizens’ rights?

For centuries, blacks were considered dangerous and criminal while whites were well-behaved and innocent. Aren’t all of us created by God, who doesn’t discriminate? Who are we to differentiate amongst people?

Nelson Mandela As a Leader:

Rolihlahla Mandela, also known as Nelson Mandela, is well-known to the world. He believed education was the greatest weapon that could change the world. His life was extraordinary. He lost his father at a young age. He was just 12 years old. The Tembu tribal adopted him and raised him.

Nelson Mandela was a student of law in his early years. While studying law, he became involved in the fight against racial discrimination. During his time at law, he traveled extensively across the country to promote non-violent protests of discriminatory laws. He was also charged with incitement, illegally leaving the country, and treason.

Nelson Mandela was captured in 1962. His 27-year-long life imprisonment began.

He was incarcerated, but he became a symbol for the Boycott movement among South Africa’s black population.

Nelson Mandela The Revolutionary Leader:

Mandela became a global hero as soon as he was freed in February 1990. In 1994, the first multiracial parliamentary election took place. The ANC won with a majority. Nelson Mandela became the first black President in South Africa.

He was mistreated but wanted to see blacks and whites live together. He did not respond to racism with racism. He was the President of South Africa and designed various programs to improve the living standards of the black population.

Nelson Mandela the Futuristic President:

He created various programs to improve the living standards and race relations of South Africa’s black population. Although he had a difficult and challenging life, he continued to fight for his people throughout his entire life.

FAQ :  Some Frequently Asked Question About Nelson Mandela

Nelson DOB 18 July 1918
Education of Nelson Mandela began his Bachelor of Arts studies at University College of Fort Hare. However, he was kicked out of the college for participating in student protests.
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