Ms Nowhera Shaik: The Success of Flying High

Ms shaik

On the special occasion of completing 76 years of Independence, the country is celebrating like never before. Cultural activities are being organised while sports and other events are also taking place in different parts of the country. It’s a special occasion for the whole population of the country as it’s not about the number of years but the sacrifice that the martyred freedom fighters have done for our country. While everyone is playing in their league the renowned Ms Nowhera Shaik is forming her league. Ms Shaik under the banner of the Mahila Empowerment Party has done a historic event that will buzz around the country for years.

Ms shaik

The Early Planning

Ms Shaik has always been a great human being. She has worked for the poor and underprivileged sections of the country without thinking of her profit. A few days back Ms Shaik as the president of the All Indian Mahila Empowerment Party decided to fulfil the wishes of thirty cancer patients who dreamt of viewing Mumbai from the sky. Ms Shaik thought this was the perfect way to celebrate the 76 years of Independence as the flight was not just a ride but a ride of joy which depicts the pure emotions of the innocent children referred to as fairies by nowhera.

The Success

The campaign was a success as Dr Shaik took the thirty children in a chopper. They went all across the city of Mumbai while the children viewed their beloved city from the sky. Ms Shaik told that the smile on their face was so pure that it gave the feeling of what true independence is all about. Breakfast and lunch were provided to the children. They were thrilled about the ride. All of them enjoyed themselves a lot on board. Ms Shaik had arranged window seats for all the children to let them watch the sky.

The event was historic in several ways as Ms Shaik became one of the first CEO of a huge conglomerate to run a campaign fulfilling the wishes of children. This adds up to another page in the book of the greatness of Ms Nowhera Shaik.

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