Mrinal Sen

Mrinal Sen

Mrinal Sen was born on 14 May 1923 and was an Indian director of the Bengali film industry and a nominated Member of the Indian parliament. Sen directed many many films primarily in both Bengali and Hindi cinema,s. Along with some contemporaries such as Tapan Sinha and Satyajit Ray. He has received multiple awards, that also includes 18 National Film Awards. The Government of India has awarded him the Padma Bhushan Award, while the Russian Government awarded him the Order of Friendship.

Political Influence

The films that he made next were essentially political and earned him a reputation as a Marxist. This was the time when there is large-scale political unrest throughout India. Particularly around Kolkata, this period underwent for known as the Naxalite movement. This situation was immediately followed by a series of films where he shifted his focus, instead of looking for enemies in the outside world, he looked for the enemy within his society.

Career and Achievements

In 1982 he was a member of the jury at  32nd International Film Festival in Berlin, In 1983 he was a member of the jury at the 13th Moscow International Film Festival also in 1997 Sen became a member of the jury at the 20th Moscow International Film Festival which was one of his great achievement. On July 24, 2012, Sen was not invited to the function organized by the West Bengal state government to felicitate film personalities. As per reports, his political views are believed to be the reason for his exclusion from the function.


Sen had been suffering from age-related ailments for many years but was never able to recognize the disease. He died on December 30, 2018, at the age of 95 at his own home in Bhawanipore, Kolkata. The cause of his death was a heart attack.

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