Melisa Najafi Raouf: Motivation for other young women

Melisa Najafi Raouf

Melisa Najafi Raouf, a young, beautiful, and inspiring competitor in the current Miss England Beauty Pageant surprised the judges and the audience with her bold makeup-free appearance during the event. She was born on November 28, 2001, in Hastings, East Sussex. This 20-year-old girl is currently pursuing her studies in international politics at King’s College, London.

Melisa Najafi Raouf chose to appear bare-faced to nullify the false beauty standards created by social media and uplift the beauty of one’s inner self. Melisa is shocked to realize that many girls belonging to different age groups are compelled to wear makeup just to fit in with others.

Melisa Najafi Raouf

Beauty lies in how best you express your natural self

“I think it’s time to normalize one being contented with their skin. We should not cover our face with makeup if we don’t feel like it. Our imperfections define us and it’s what distinguishes us from others.” said Melisa.

As a teenager, Melisa believed she didn’t meet the essential requirements to be beautiful. However, she eventually learned to embrace herself just as she is. Then she decided to compete with her zero makeup look.

Motivation for other young women

She feels makeup conceals her true self. She wants to use the beauty pageant platform to show the world who she is. And she is not afraid of it.

Angie Beasley is quite impress with the confidence of Melisa Raouf. In the year 2019, a round organized in the Miss England event, named ” Bare Face”. Which motivates women to flaunt their natural features instead of hiding behind makeup and filters on social media.

However, Beasley said it was the first time she had seen a competitor completely abandon the use of makeup even in the semi-finals.

According to Melisa, she felt more empowered with her zero makeup look in the semi-finals against all the other contestants. Who had put on makeup to enhance their natural beauty.

Raouf had expressed her gratitude for the support. She has received from other young ladies through messages saying how her confidence has enabled them to feel better about themselves.

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