Megha Arora – Inspiring Story of Determination

Megha Arora

We are here with Megha Arora’s inspiring and thrilling journey. Megha is the daughter of an auto-rickshaw driver who himself has studied up to 8th grade.

About IES Topper Megha Arora:

Megha Arora is a 24-year older woman who was a highly meritorious student in academics. She was a member of the PCM stream and achieved 95% in her 12th grade. She graduated from Hansraj College, Delhi University, and is a postgraduate of DSE, Delhi School of Economics. Her father, Sunil Arora, is an auto-driver who has studied up to 8th grade, while her mother, Savita Arora, teaches primary school. Since 1987, her father has been transporting school students in an auto-rickshaw.

She was recommended by her friends to take this exam. Being hardworking, she prepared for it. Megha Arora not only passed the exam, but she topped it. Megha’s enthusiasm drove her to the top, and she was able to get a government job after a forty-minute interview in which Megha Arora tried hard for balanced answers. She was also not interested in working in the corporate world as she finds it less productive and more fruitful.

Megha Arora plans to pursue a Ph.D., even though she has passed the IES exam. Because for her sky is the limit. 

Her story is inspirational because she was driven by her goal to achieve her goals and felt the power. It is well-known that behind every man’s success, there is a woman. But for a woman’s success, it is her determination and commitment that play vital roles for her.

The amazing and inspiring story of IES Topper, who was born to an auto-driver’s daughter, is fascinating. There are many touching stories that revolve around women, and this is one of them.

Women do not have to be limited in one area of life. They can play a significant role in many spheres. Megha Arora’s success in the exam made her parents proud, as she is the only child in her family to have passed this exam.

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