Masaba Gupta

Masaba Gupta

Masaba Gupta grew up in Mumbai, India, as the daughter of Indian actress Neena Gupta and West Indies cricketer Viv Richards. Her parents never married, and she was reared by her mother, who relocated the family to Mumbai from New Delhi. Gupta found a father figure in her late maternal grandfather, and when she was 20, she reconnected with her father, with whom she now has a close relationship.

She wanted to be a tennis player since she was eight years old, but she stopped training at the age of sixteen. Gupta, who is passionate about dance and music, wanted to join Shiamak Davar’s dance troupe but was prevented by her mother, which inevitably lead to her career in fashion designing.

Gupta’s design aesthetic has been described as a mix of contemporary and traditional elements, with modernity dominating. She specialises in ethnic wear for ladies, and she employs silk, chiffon, and cotton, as well as rich embroidery work, and she’s known for her unique prints, as well as feminine drapes and silhouettes. Her work has “a particular Indianness in a very modern milieu,” according to the Mumbai daily broadsheet, which cites her “Tamil script sarees and jackets” and her use of cotton and muslin. Culture Trip, a magazine-style online publication, listed Gupta as one of the “Ten finest Indian fashion designers you should know.”

She was assigned to represent India in an exhibit including re-designs of Levi’s iconic trucker jacket in 2017. Her trademark cow motif was chosen. Justin Timberlake and other celebrities redesigned the display as well.

Gupta is regarded with becoming the first Indian designer to host an Instagram fashion show. According to her, WhatsApp accounts for almost 60% of her sales. She debuted a hijab-saree line in 2018, aimed at Muslim ladies who desire to dress in Indian haute couture.

Masaba Masaba, a semi-fictional show in which Gupta and her mother Neena Gupta exhibit snippets of their lives through design and cinematography, was announced on Netflix in 2019.

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