Manik Sarkar

Manik Sarkar

Manik Sarkar is an Indian politician who was also known as the Chief Minister of Tripura [Agartala] from March 1998 to 2018. He is a Member of the Communist Party of India. In March 2008, he got selected as a leader of the Left Front, of the Tripura coalition government. In assembly elections that were held in 2013, for the fourth consecutive time, he became the chief minister of Tripura. In current reports, he serves as the opposition party in Tripura Legislative Assembly.

Early Life and Profession

Manik Sarkar was born in a middle-class family where his father, Amulya Sarkar, worked as a tailor, while his mother, Anjali Sarkar, was a State Provincial government employee. Sarkar became a very active student m in his school and college days In 1968, at the age of 19, he became a member of the CPI [Communist Party of India]. He was a great candidate of the Students’ Federation of India throughout his education life from where he graduated with a B. Com. Degree in MBB college. During his first year at the college there came the turbulent times of the food movement in 1967, He played a robust role in that mass movement which led him to join the Communists party of India. Due to his early political exposure, he also got selected as a Secretary for the MBB College Student Union and was  made the Vice President of the Federation team of India.

Personal Life

Sarkar got married to Panchali Bhattacharya, who was employed with the Central Social Welfare Board till she was retired in the year of 2011. Sarkar and his wife live a very simple and peaceful life. Sarkar is the only Indian Chief Minister who had never owned a personal car or a bungalow and chooses to live in an old house that belonged to his grandfather.  

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