Making India Great Again: Heera Group initiative

Heera Group

India’s a country of culture, ethics and prosperity. The country is still being considered a third-world country somewhere harms the country’s respect. The largest democracy in the world still does not gets the respect it deserves. To make it great again the great Dr Nowhera Shaik has taken a pledge, a pledge to change the infrastructure of India in the upcoming years. It includes the inauguration of a new business sector through the Heera Group and also through new initiatives by the All Indian Mahila Empowerment Party. Dr Nowhera Shaik is hopeful and she’s expected to succeed in her plans. 


Heera Group

The Heera Group of companies has been doing business for a long period. Their reputation is unmatchable. The company got into a legal case that caused several problems. The bank accounts seized and they have not received control over those accounts still now. The company was charged with false allegations which have been proven wrong today. The honourable supreme court has always kept faith in them and helped them in every way possible. To give that fraud the proper answer, Dr Nowhera Shaik has taken a pledge to start this initiative.

It’ll include new business sectors where the no-interest policy will be intact along with new job opportunities.

The Vital Time 

It’s high time that we think about our nation and thus the Heera Group launched digital gold which has shaken the gold market as well as provided employment to over a thousand people. The company is spreading its business with new branches overseas. Dr Nowhera Shaik is hiring young employees for new projects. With such a mindset it is not far from when we can see the scenario of India changing. 

All the people are holding on to their seats with patience and waiting for the lady of the Heera Group to execute her plans successfully. 

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