Maitreyi Devi Untold Story

Maitreyi Devi Untold Story

Maitreyi Devi was born in 1914. She was the daughter of philosopher Surendra Nath Dasgupta and a follower of poet Rabindranath Tagore. She studied in St. John’s Diocesan Girls’ Higher Secondary School, Calcutta and graduated from the Jogamaya Devi College; an affiliated undergraduate women’s college under the historic of University of Calcutta, in Kolkata. She published her first book of poetry at the age 16.

Moreover By age 16, she was attending university, and in 1930; Mircea Eliade, a Romanian historian and writer, was invited to stay at her family’s home by her father. After several months when her parents found out that 23-year-old Eliade and Devi had an intimate relationship; Eliade’s parents told her to leave and not to contact or visit her again.

Her Meeting With Rabindranath Tagore

Although She married Dr. Manmohan Sen when her age was 20 and he was 34. They had two children. In 1938 and 1939, she invited Rabindranath Tagore to stay in her house after; she got married in Mungpoo near Kalimpong, which later became the Rabindra Museum. Her works include Mongpute Rabindranath which is a record of his visit with Devi.

She was the founder of the Council for the Promotion of Communal Harmony; in 1964 and also a vice-president of the All-India Women’s Coordinating Council. She also established orphanages.

Some of Maitreyi Devi special Achievements

Especially After traveling to the University of Chicago to give lectures on Rabindranath Tagore. Where Eliade was a professor, and meeting with Eliade for several times. She released her novel Na Hanyate novel (It Does Not Die: A Romance) in 1974; and won the award of Sahitya Akademi Award in 1976.

The University of Chicago Press reprinted It Does Not Die and Bengal Nights as companion books in 1994; thus Kamini writes. Astonishing as it might sound given the sleight-of-hand dictated by marketing decisions at the University of Chicago Press in America.

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