Laurie Fernandez

Laurie Fernandez

Laurie Fernandez is a Los Angeles, California-based television news videographer and editor.

Fernandez began her career as a news videographer in a job that was previously dominated by men. She had to overcome several barriers and mindsets because of her gender. People were often shocked to find a woman working as a cameraman. Her inherent talent, as well as her talents and abilities, assisted her in overcoming these challenges.

 Even now, being a female news videographer is still uncommon, but as the industry has gotten more popular for women and the equipment has become lighter owing to technology, more women are embracing it.

Her footage made national news once more in 2002 when she filmed the suspect’s arrest while covering a child abduction case. Jessica Cortez, the kid who had been taken from a Los Angeles park, had been missing for weeks. Her parents were reunited with their child safely.

When Laurie Fernandez was covering an officer-involved shooting in Anaheim, California, on July 21, 2012, a chaotic scene ensued, her news tape made international headlines. Rubber bullets, pepper pellets, and a police k-9 dog were fired at a small crowd of people, including women, children, and babies, by Anaheim police.

People from all over the country and the world called the Anaheim Police Department to express their displeasure, and protestors showed up at the police station the next day. After this storey aired, there were daily protests, culminating in a riot on July 24, 2012, with people demanding an investigation and justice. In their opinion, residents and those who watched the footage, observed cops employing excessive force.

 Residents had congregated near the unarmed Manuel Diaz, 25, who had been fatally shot. He was shot in the back, dropped on his knees, and then was shot in the back of the head by Anaheim police officers, according to witnesses.

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