Launch of Heera Digital Gold

Launch of Heera Digital Gold, On January 1st, 2022, the Heera Group of Companies launched it at the brand new Heera Mart in Kukatpally, Telangana. The founder and CEO, Nowhera Shaik, announced the launching of this new digital gold on August 1st last year. 

Shaik founded the company in 1998 as a gold trading business that has expanded itself in diverse fields of jewellery, textiles, mineral water, e-commerce, travel and tourism, and many more. With the launch of Heera Digital Gold, the company has made an entry into the digital space. 

Launching Heera Digital Gold

Nowhera Shaik launched the Heera Digital Gold from the Heera Mart store, which opened this Saturday. At the launch, she said that on January 10th and 20th, new stores of Heera Mart would be opened at Tirupati and Mumbai, respectively. Later on, Heera Group would open more stores in various cities across the nation. 

Heera Mart has put a 50% discount on its products at the Kukatpally store. An individual investor can buy digital gold from up to 1gram to 200grams, while a wholesaler can purchase unlimited gold through the company. Shaik has said that her company would be opening stores worldwide for ease of business at different locations around the globe. She added, “My success is nothing but the patience of my investors, and their success, in turn, is my success.”

Perks of being a Heera Group Investor

● Investors can buy digital gold directly from the Heera Group website. Not only this, but also investors can invest in gold through E-wallets such as Google Pay and Paytm.

● Once invested, the company purchases an equal amount of physical gold and keeps it securely in secret vaults of investors. The company transfers the purchased products to the customer’s accounts. 

● Buyers can even ask for the physical delivery of gold. The company will home deliver this through trusted courier delivery services such as Blue Dart Express. 

● Buyers can buy anything ranging from 22-carat gold jewellery to gold coins and even 24-carat bars as well as silver and platinum products. The website will have various options available for interested customers.

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