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Latest News for Heera Group Investors

Latest News for Heera Group Investors : There are multiple pockets of investment in Heera Group. The most popular form of investment in the company is the Halal investment which has been under scrutiny for a long time due to complaints of defrauding by a handful of investors out of lakhs of investors. The allegations were politically charged and came as a direct action after the Managing Director of Heera Group – Dr Nowhera Shaik’s entry into politics. She was harassed with several legal cases and even had to serve three years in jail under the case which was later proven wrong by the judiciary.

She was released on bail by the Supreme Court with the condition that she would have to pay back all the investors in the same amount as they had invested on originally. Right after her release from jail, she focused on the arrangements that could lead her into paying back her investors. She had placed three options in front of them,

  1. Either they could choose to continue the trade relationship as it was and keep trading full-fledged. Many choose this easy path and has been still earning high returns due to the right decisions they had taken.
  2. They could also choose to keep a portion invested with Heera Groups and choose to partially continue the trade with Heera Group. Many people who did not go with the first option chose this option and has been benefitting considerably from it.
  3. Or they could completely choose to detach all trade relations with Heera Group and take back all their investment forever. Very few opted for the last option.

The above two options were also designed with lucrative offers that further allured people into accepting them. As per the latest news, the Heera Group investors are benefiting pretty much from the company.

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